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I am just an orchid hobbyist, trying to grow and bloom these wonderful plants. Most of the orchids are in the greenhouse, and the rest are under the patio attached to the main house.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Orchid garden is expanding. New shadehouse construction in progress.

It was becoming clear that the larger orchids (cymnidium, grammatophyllum, etc) are clamoring for more space, and more sunlight than the greenhouse would allow.
So after a few months of saving up, the "Orchid Budget" had enough funds to purchase a new shadehouse that will better accommodate these outdoors orchids.

It is a 20ft x 10ft Carport kit, made of 1 3/4 inch powder coated steel tube, and a thick canvas top.
This should allow plenty of space, air flow, and plenty of light while protecting the plants from direct afternoon sun.

I placed it south of the greenhouse, along a north-to-south axis.

I am still reviewing the plant locations and will continue to fine tune the setup as I go along. As you can see on some of the pictures, I have installed additional green shade fabric on certain sides for additional protection from direct afternoon sunlight.

Early stages of construction.

Additional shade fabric installed.

Plants brought outside for acclimation.

Trying out different plant arrangements.

More plants.

I am also going to place an outdoors table and chairs inside the shadehouse so we have a little outdoor reading/sitting area away from the house.

I will post more updates as they become available.

This does present a new problem for me (and my budget).
Moving all these bulky plants out of the greenhouse created a lot of available space inside the greenhouse. So again I am starting to hear these voices in my head "Buy more orchids!".